Graphics Process Guide
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Scan > Art Scanner

Place in the Workflow

Diagram highlighting the place of scan in the workflow
After required prepping has been completed, the Art Scanner scans and edits customer art for upload to Content Server. The Ad Scanner then submits the Ad to the Composer for final composition.

Keys to Success

What are the keys to success as a Scanner at TransWestern Publishing?

  • Observe the processes and use the resources provided in this manual. The graphics process is in place to ensure that the Ad will be accurate, preventing reworks and claims.
  • Standards compliance: ensure that artwork (your own and the customers) complies with TWP's TEAR standards.
  • Speed and accuracy: Speed is not haste. It is not about quick clicking and clearing your desk. It is about effective process to ensure that the customer's Ad is completed in as accurate and timely a manner as possible.
  • When in doubt > Query. Submit the appropriate query when clarification is needed.
  • If you have questions > Ask. Not every situation is covered in these pages, however. If you have additonal questions, call on the trainer and managers for guidance.