Graphics Process Guide
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Forms Used in the Graphics Department

This section contains reference material on the forms used in the Graphics Process.

QIR - cover sheet for totaling work that logs the number of Ads worked, plus any queries or reworks.
Daily Flash Sign-Out - daily work log
IS Ticket/Problem Log - report system and Desktop PC problems.
Scan Request - prepper form for requesting new scans
Incorrect version - query mismatch of version #s between Content Server and packet slip.
Time Card - log work hours
Vacation Request - specify dates for vacation request
Prep Query - query ad problems
Composer Query - query ad problems
DIR Format Report - provides the issue date and quantity of books to be printed. Also, the number of pages in the white, yellow and coupon sections and what district of town.
Graphics Format Report - lists how many columns are in a particular book; such as 2 or 3 and the size such as; 8x10 or 6x 9. Useful when picking out an ad template that will fit properly with those ratios. For example, "Quarter Column" Ad in a 6x9 book versus an 8x10 will be a different size.