Graphics Process Guide
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Place in the Workflow

Diagram highlighting the place of prep in the workflow
The dealerís job is to monitor the workflow for the preppers and composers. This process allows the rest of the department to avoid the distraction of finding work throughout the day.

The Dealer counts what comes into the Graphics department from Post Sales and Closing and filters it into piles for equitable distribution to associates for Prep and Compose tasks.

Keys to Success

What are the keys to success as a Dealer at TransWestern Publishing?

  • Attention to detail: accurately counting and sorting the Ads to be distributed.
  • Speed and accuracy: Speed is not haste. It is not about quick clicking and clearing your desk. It is about effective process to ensure that the customer's Ad is completed in as accurate and timely a manner as possible.
  • Fair and efficient distribution of work.
    Be aware of the workload provided to associates and continue to deal more work, so that preppers and composers are supplied work in a timely manner.
  • Observe the processes and use the resources provided in this manual. Not every eventuality is covered in these pages, however. Use common sense and call on the advice of the Trainer and managers as needed.